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The data you need to understand
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We support education and workforce development clients in assessing and reimagining programs, spaces, and services.

I hold a PhD from the University of Minnesota's Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development. I bring a deep knowledge of education and workforce development and a passion for equity to my work. Serving as the external evaluator for innovative projects through the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) allows me to learn and share evaluation best practices from diverse agencies and directorates. I am a certified administrator of Hogan and CliftonStrengths Assessments and enjoy working with leaders to build their leadership and evaluation capacity. I am proud to serve on the Executive Board of Parent Teacher Home Visits


What We Offer

We use a collaborative approach to understand and communicate the outcomes, quality, and effectiveness of programs big and small.

Research Services

With strong qualitative and quantitative expertise, we offer comprehensive and efficient research services that deliver insights to inform decision making.

External Evaluation 

Our proficiency in federal reporting requirements lets you focus on learning from evaluation data. We provide proven tools and frameworks for assessing innovative grant-funded projects, from proposals to final reports.


Strategies and tools to simplify and coordinate accreditation and ensure that the effort that goes into these reviews supports learning and improvement to meet the changing needs of students and society.  


We offer tailored assistance for your organization, guiding you from needs assessments to training and coaching, to enhance your internal capacity for effective program evaluation.

"Emily is an excellent coordinator of stakeholders and personalities. She is a deep listener with a genuine passion for problem solving and valuing truth in analysis." 

Na'im Madyun

Former Associate Dean, College of Education and Human Development

“Emily has brought a wide range of tools and knowledge to support our organization. Her skills in evaluation and planning have supported our growth over many years. She is accessible and engaged as a consultant, brings joy and passion that inspires others, and has added tremendous value to our work.”

Gina Martinez Keddy

Executive Director, Parent Teacher Home Visits

"Emily brought an ability to connect with and understand diverse audiences to our planning process. She was able to synthesize input from staff, external stakeholders, and leaders into usable data that informed the strategic plan that is now guiding the work our Center."

Jeffrey Peterson

Director, Minnesota Water Resources Center

How can we help you understand and  improve your programs?

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